Jan 09

Oracle Cloud Ashburn x Chicago bandwidth test

Those days I had to implement an Oracle Cloud “IAAS Classic” solution for databases and applications with DR environments, considering the primary region as Ashburn (uscom-east-1) and the standby region as Chicago (uscom-central-1). To make both regions talk securely over the internet, I had to implement a VPN connection between both regions. Before stating everything, …

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Nov 29

Fixing VirtualBox crashing iOS on high load (Kernel Panic)

For a long time I had a problem in my VirtualBox 5.x when I need to run heavy oracle database process and it crashed not only the VM but my role iOS forcing my MacBook Pro to reboot with the following error message: After it returns, as soon as I log in I could see …

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Oct 19

Applying 171017 BP (26392124) over 170814 (26609769) returning “out of order” error.

Today I was trying to apply the Oracle Exadata Database 171017 BP (26392124) on top of 170814 (26609769) and I was getting the error below:

Error keyword was: The installed patch that is out of order is: 26609769 Note that even though I’m moving to a higher BP version, the patch ID for the previous version …

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Oct 19

Dissecting 171017 BP, PSU, RU and RUR

Starting today I will quarterly write a post dissecting the changes implemented by Oracle CPUs so we can understand better the modifications implemented by Oracle in our Databases. So what oracle internal objects were changed in 170117?

And created?

So which are exactly the objects modified by 170117? What changed for …

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Oct 18

v$sga, v$sgainfo and v$sgastat matching bytes challenge

Those days I was challenging myself to make an exact match and correlate all lines returned by a select on v$sga, v$sgainfo and v$sgastat. The biggest problem on those v$ views is that they bring different visions of the same thing (SGA), and I could never make a exact match of the bytes before. Now …

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