Mar 10

Check which Hub Node is Leaf Node connected to in Oracle Flex Cluster

In this article, I will show how to detect to which Hub Node is your Leaf Node connected to in an Oracle Flex Cluster scenario where you have multiple Hub Servers. First of all, let’s check our current scenario:

So in my current configuration I have 2 Hub Nodes (oranode1 and oranode2) but only …

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Mar 09

OCM 12c Preparation – Download the Exam Environment

The exam environment keep changing over the time and I believe that Oracle will soon update the Linux and Database release to the latest. As Mar/2017, the exam environment in official OCM website is the following: Exam Environment Oracle Linux Server Release 6.5 (64-bit) Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( – 64-bit) Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud …

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Mar 07

OCM 12c Preparation – Recommended Hardware

As we will need to create RAC (with Hub and Leaf Nodes), Dataguard (with Far Sync instance), Single Instance and Oracle EM machines scenarios, let’s consider a scenario where we will need to simulate 4 VMs running at the same time. So, you will need at least: 16 GB RAM Quad core fast CPU (Something similar or better …

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Jan 19

Where are DB PSU and DBBP ?

On this January 17th Oracle released its quarterly PSU as we expected. The version was OK regarding DB PSU, GI PSU, DBBP and OJVM PSU. However, for the version, only the OJVM PSU of Jan 2017 was provided. All the combos came with Oct 2016 version of DB/GI fixes + Jan 2017 OJVM …

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Jan 16

OAV-46511: missing plugin for trail at agent on host

Those days, after deploying a new AV agent and trying to setup a new audit trail, I started to receive a weird “OAV-46511: missing plugin for trail at agent on host” error as below: Agent was just deployed so no reason for the agent to not include the plugins. After researching a little, I’ve found …

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