Jan 19

Where are DB PSU and DBBP ?

On this January 17th Oracle released its quarterly PSU as we expected. The version was OK regarding DB PSU, GI PSU, DBBP and OJVM PSU. However, for the version, only the OJVM PSU of Jan 2017 was provided. All the combos came with Oct 2016 version of DB/GI fixes + Jan 2017 OJVM …

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Jan 16

OAV-46511: missing plugin for trail at agent on host

Those days, after deploying a new AV agent and trying to setup a new audit trail, I started to receive a weird “OAV-46511: missing plugin for trail at agent on host” error as below: Agent was just deployed so no reason for the agent to not include the plugins. After researching a little, I’ve found …

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Jan 12

Audit Vault installation fails with “Unable to run Clusterware root script”

Today I was installing Audit Vault and I started receiving an error saying “Unable to run Clusterware root script” in the final step. First, after researching a little, I found out that I wasn’t meeting the requisites for 12.2 installation, only 12.1: For 12.1 (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37100_01/doc.121/e27778/preinstall.htm#SIGIG292):

For 12.2 (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E69292_01/doc.122/e49587/preinstall.htm#SIGIG295):

So I was deploying …

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Oct 24

Oracle Open World 2016 – My POV

Oracle Open World 2016 was really amazing. It was already 1 month ago and only now I had some time to talk about it and Oracle trends for this year. This is the biggest event in DBA area and was outstanding to be in a place with so many experts exchanging ideas! So, there are a lot of …

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Aug 16

Oracle Scheduler Jobs and Database Vault

As everybody knows, the “Oracle Scheduler” is the official task manager for an Oracle Database. It is a robust and complex tool, allowing the user to create chains, parameterized intervals on several types of metrics, execution windows, etc. In most cases, when a job is created, modified and executed by its owner, there are not many …

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